The České teplo group possesses a mobile dual-fuel boiler room providing an output of 1 MW. The boiler room can function independently of an electrical power supply; it has its own power generator and gas regulating station. This boiler room was exhibited at the IDET/PYROS fair (International Defence and Security Technologies Fair and The Fire-fighting and Rescue Technology and Integrated Emergency System Equipment Fair) which took place from 19-21 May 2015. (Photo >>)
Since April 2015, we have been operating a heat exchanger station, providing a supply of heating and hot water for the community of owners of the Velká skála house in building No. 1680 in Prague 8 (a residence building with 11 apartments). The source of heat is a pressure-independent heat exchanger WATER-WATER station providing an output of 45 kW (heating water) and 140 kW (hot water). Part of the provided services is also an emergency stand-by service.
In April 2015, we launched operation of a hot-water gas boiler room for the company Atkins and Langford Development, s.r.o., including energy services in the historical Voršilská premises. (Photo >>)
In January 2015, we started the supply of electricity to the Na Pleši Institute of Oncology and Rehabilitation(Photo >>)
In November 2014, replacement of the hot-water boiler in the central boiler room of the Florence Office Center – KPMG, Pobřežní 648/1a, Prague 8, was realised under full operation of the boiler room. (Photo >>)
In November 2014, we commenced supplies of heat to an object owned by the SBD (housing association) Praha Střelnická 1680, Prague 8.
In October 2014, we completed the construction of an energy facility and began supplying heat to the Rezidence RoSa residential complex, Střelničná 1680, Praha 8. Realisation of the project included
  • preparation of design documentation for realisation of a hot-water connection and a heat exchanger station
  • construction of a hot-water connection using pre-insulated pipes
  • production and installation of a heat exchanger station including the hot water preparation
  • coordination of installation works with ongoing reconstruction of the object
  • adjustment of secondary branches of the central heating + utility water heating, including final regulation of the system
  • provision of a non-stop emergency service (Photo >>)
The České teplo group has begun realising the first stage of the boiler room with an output of 350 kW, the transformer station, the local distribution network (electric) + the natural gas connection for the residential complex in Dobřichovice(Photo >>)

The energetic centre Globus Ostrava – a unique project and realisation of island operation in Europe

Under a contract with the developer company Praha West Investment, k.s., which is a subsidiary of Globus International a.s., the company České teplo s.r.o. realised a unique integrated tri-generation energy centre for the new hypermarket complex Globus Ostrava – Plesná.


The unique technological solution consists in interconnected installation of three cogeneration units and one backup diesel generator providing a total output of 2.9 MW, which ensures a continuous supply of electricity in island operation (in the area, there is no installed electricity input from the local distribution network due to insufficient transmission capacity).


This island operation is unique not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe. The heat from the cogeneration units may be utilised to cool the whole hypermarket complex using the absorption principle while utilising accumulation of the cold in the adjacent insulated fire protection reservoir.


Part of the technology set is also a gas boiler room and a transformer station. The transformer station will allow for the electricity to be supplied from or to the local the local distribution network, thus significantly contributing to optimalisation of the operating energy costs.


Šafránka residential complex – a new generation project

The Šafránka residential complex in Prague 5 is currently one of the most modern residential projects. Its scope, including ten low-rise residential buildings and twenty-four luxurious terraced family houses, ranks it among the most extensive projects in Prague

The complete provision of this project included:

  • construction of the distribution gas pipeline and the gas distribution network
  • construction of the central underground gas boiler room with active compensation members
  • realisation of the heat distribution system using pre-insulated technologies
  • production and delivery of heat exchanger stations
  • supply of the complex heating system and of the preparation of hot utility water
  • supply of the communication system for transmission of energy and medium data
  • realisation of the 22 kV high-voltage electricity connection
  • supply of the central transformer station for electricity consumers 2 x 630 kVA
  • supply of the electricity distribution system 1 kV
  • installation of technologies for providing data services and provision of special data services
  • provision of uninterrupted heat and electricity supplies
  • management from the centralised control room, including the non-stop emergency service

Further successfully realised contracts

Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

  • in operation since 2003
  • a steam boiler room with 1x LOSS boiler providing an output of 2.26 kW, we provide supplies of heat, hot water, cold, steam and electricity
  • heat supply for the Institute of Molecular Genetics (Infragen) where we have been providing energy services, including a 24/7 stand-by service. Our activities there include operation of air handling units, including cooling units, steam humidification units, etc.
  • operation of a photovoltaic power station providing an output of 26 kW

Nad Rybníčky residential complex, Prague

  • The supply of heating water and hot water for the residential house K Rybníčkům is ensured by means of a pressure-independent compact heat exchanger station, a water-water type, model SYMPATIK VNV, 1,000 kW for heating water, 400 kW for hot water, 1,000 l accumulation vessel, provided by the SYSTHERM company.
  • The compact heat exchanger station is situated in the basement of the technical block in K Rybníčkům Street.
  • There are 3 heating circuits with equithermal regulation in the secondary circuit of the heating water:
  • Circuit 1 – East
  • Circuit 2 – West
  • Circuit 3 – Central Garages – a reserve
  • Testing operation of the compact heat exchanger station from August 2003, approved for use in October 2003.
  • In total, 198 flats at the address Ke Strašnické 26/20, 50/16, 51/14, 52/22, 53/18, 78/12, Kolovratská 57/3, 58/1.

Public Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague

  • Hostivař DEPO
  • Hostivař bus garage
  • Hostivař electric railways
  • Vršovice Bus Terminal
  • Klíčov bus garage
  • Kačerov bus garage
  • Pankrác Electric Railways
  • Řepy bus garage
  • Zličín DEPO
  • Motol Electric Railways

Švandovo Theatre

  • in operation since January 2014
  • the source is a gas boiler room with 3x Wolf 250 kW boilers, we have been supplying the heat, hot and utility water and air conditioning
  • we have been providing energy services with a 24/7 stand-by service, including operation of air handling units and a cooling unit.

Thomayer Hospital

  • in operation since September 2008
  • modernisation/reconstruction of the boiler room, main pipelines for hot water, steam, cold water for heating of water and 28 exchanger stations since September 2010
  • we operate gas boiler rooms – the main boiler room (Viessman boilers) with 2 boilers providing an output of 6 and 4 MW, a steam boiler – 7 t of steam, cogeneration unit of 770 kW + 1 MW of heat
  • a backup source of heat – a 10 MW exchanger station connected to Pražská teplárenská a.s. (a major Prague heat-distribution company)
  • a boiler room for the sewage treatment plant, 1 x 60 kW boiler
  • a boiler room, 4x 350 kW Buderus boilers
  • we have been providing energy services including a 24/7 stand-by service, we have been supplying heat, hot water, cold, steam and electricity, including operation of air handling units (including cooling units and steam humidification units).

Charles University

  • in operation since September 2013
  • we are responsible for the operation of 14 heat sources