Thermal Imaging Camera
We offer the highly sought-after service of measuring heat leaks in your buildings, thermal diagnostics of technological equipment and photovoltaic panels by means of a thermal imaging camera. If you want to discover your actual losses and ensure heating savings, this offer is designed exactly for you. It is not sufficient to rely on thermal insulation itself or on installing thermostatic valves! It is good to find the actual leaks.

We offer you:
  • thermal camera measurement
  • elaboration of an analysis of the current condition (measurement results report according to ČSN EN 13187)
  • preparation of a proposal for measures designed to achieve expected savings
  • arranging for new energy limits from your current supplier taking into account the performed savings
For what kind of entities is our offer designed:
  • for owners of family houses and blocks of flats
  • for housing associations and cooperatives of owners of residential units
  • for solar panel users
  • for all those who want to know the condition of their technology equipment (such as boilers, heat exchanger stations, hot water pipelines, electrical switchboards, motors, etc.)